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Epic Battle Fantasy 2 Abilities Guide

2009-08-28 17:19:09 by knuxandshadowrule

Epic Battle Fantasy 2 Abilities Guide

You can play Epic Battle Fantasy 2 here.

I play EBF and EBF2 by the wonderful matt-likes-swords (Kupo707 on Deviantart) an awful lot, and I figured, there's so much to this game, especially the new abilities system and the many ways you can play. So I thought "Why not list the abilities, what they do, and how to obtain them?" Now take note, cuz this took me AWHILE to make. But now you can play smart with this knowledge. These abilities are all based on how you play through the game, and the game rewards you with abilities. This list is probably not complete, so if you see an ability in this game that I have not listed, please inform me in the comments below so I can add it.
The list'll go like this:

"Name of ability - Ability's effect.(recommended way of getting ability.)"

These abilities are in no particular order, but we'll start with Matt(the sword user).

Matt's Possible Abilities:
Swordsman - Boosts standard attack by 40%.(Just attack normally a lot.)
Berzerker - Increases attack stat when hit by a powerful attack.(Take a lot of damage during a boss fight or powerful wave.)
Mana Leech - Gain MP back when attacking,or using Windslash/Legend with any sowrd sword.(Equip the Rune Blade and attack a lot.)
Slayer - Boosts Attack stat by 8%.(Equip Soul Eater and attack a lot.)
The Force - Boosts Magic Attack by 8%.(Equip Razorback for a while.)
Blacksmith - Temper adds an extra 20% attack.(Use Temper often.)
Swordbreaker - Give AttackDown stat on enemies when attacking, or using Windslash/Legend with any sword.(Equip Anarchy and attack normally often.)
Counter - Counter physical attacks sometimes.(Attack, get hit, attack, etc. Eventually you'll get it.)
CounterX2 - Counter attacks more often.(Just keep getting hit and countering, if that's your strategy.)
Rock Solid - Boosts Defense by 8%.(Raise your defense stat often, or just equip Stone Edge often.)
Earthern Soul - Boosts Magic Defense by 8%.(Raise that stat often, or just equip Stone Edge often.)
Rock On - Boosts Quake by 40%, adds 10% resistance to Earth and Wind attacks.(Equip Stone Edge, and use Quake often.)
Survivor - 30% chance of surviving powerful attacks with only 1 HP left. (Die a lot, lol.)
Aerial Support - Air Strike activates randomly.(Use Air Strike a lot.)
Secret Weapon - Adds a new type of bomb for Air Strike.(Use Air Strike a lot.)
Legendary - Boosts Legend's Power by 40%. (Use Legend often.)
Ready Edge - Boosts Attack stat when switching swords.(Switch swords a lot.)
Defender - Doubles the effect of Defend.(Defend attacks often.)
Sword Heart - Boosts Unleash by 40%.(Use Unleash often.)
Hurricane - Boosts Windslash by 40%, and gives 10% resistance to wind attacks.(Use Windslash often.)
Venomous - Immune to Poison and Stun.(Equip Black Fang and Poison enemies a lot.)
Chemist - Boosts items' effects by 40%. (Use items often.)
ChemistX2 - Boosts items' effects by 80%.(Use items a LOT.)
Mighty Warrior - Boosts the Attack,Magic Attack,Defense, and Magic Attack stats by 4%.(Equip Heaven's Gate for a while.)
Cleaver - Boosts your Limit Break's power by 40%.(Just take damage so you can use your Limit Break a lot.)
Eagle Eye - Boosts Evade by 5%, and Accuracy by 20%. (Equip Swift Brand and Windslash enemies a lot.)
Healing Metal - Boosts the healing of Power Metal by 30%.(Use Power Metal often.)
Extreme Metal - Boosts the damage of Power Metal by 40%.(Use Power Metal often.)
Holy Power - Boosts Seiken by 40%, adds 20% resistance to Dark attacks.(Use Seiken often.)
Fear Lord - Boosts Screamer by 40%, adds 20% resistance to Holy attacks.(Use Screamer often.)
Fiery Spirit - Immune to Freezing, adds 10% resistance to Fire and Ice attacks.(Equip Inferno and use Eruption often.)
Bloodthirsty - Boosts Drain's power by 50%.(Use Drain very often.)
Cat Warrior - Nolegs attacks enemies with a sword or a bomb randomly.(Use Nolegs often.)
Cat Tamer - Nolegs brings out healing items randomly without being called.(Use Nolegs often.)
Arctic Wind - 10% resistance to Fire,Ice,Wind, and Water attacks.(Equip Blizzard for a while.)
Sub Zero - Boosts Iceberg by 40%, adds 10% resistance to Ice and Water attacks.(Equip Blizzard and use Iceberg often.)
Never Forgive - Boosts the power of Revenge by 40%.(Equip Soul Eater and use Revenge often when health is low.)

Now on to Natalie(the mage).

Natalie's Possible Abilities:
Magic Counter - Sometimes counters magic attacks with Lucky Star.(Get attacked by magic attacks often.)
Astrology - Boosts the power of Lucky Star and Pulsar by 25%.(Use Lucky Star and Pulsar often.)
AstrologyX2 - Boosts the power of Lucky Star and Pulsar by 50%.(Use those skills A LOT.)
Wizardry - Boosts Magic Attack stat by 9%.(Use Black Magic often.)
Mighty Mage - Boosts Attack/Defense/Magic Attack/Magic Defense stats by 4%.(Use spells often.)
Mana Leech - Gain MP from attacking normally.(Attack like once or twice.)
Curses - Makes Flare/Toxic/Syphon's effect last longer. (Use those skills often.)
Elementalist - Boosts the power of Fireball/Glacier/Thunderbolt/Toxic by 20%.(Use those skills often.)
ElementalistX2 - Boosts power of Fireball/Glacier/Thunderbolt/Toxic by 40%.(Use those skills even more after getting the first one.)
ElementalistX3 - Boosts power of Fireball/Glacier/Thunderbolt/Toxic by 60%.(Use those skills ALMOST ALL THE TIME.)
Sniper - Boosts Accuracy by 20%.(Just don't miss with attacks for a while.)
Chemist - Boosts items' effects by 40%. (Use items often.)
ChemistX2 - Boosts items' effects by 80%.(Use items a lot more.)
Angel - Gives Auto-life effect randomly.(You have to die a lot, lol.)
Thunderclap - Increases chance of stunning enemies with Thunderbolt.(Use Thunderbolt often.)
Bunny! - Increases Slime Bunny's healing by 40%.(Use Slime Bunny often.)
Bunny!!! - Slime Bunny sometimes appears without being called randomly.(Use Slime Bunny A LOT.)
Behold! - Boosts Beholder's power by 40%.(Use Beholder often.)
Meows! - Boosts Meow Meow's power by 40%.(Use Meow Meow a lot.)
Ions! - Boosts Ion Canon's power by 30%.(Use Ion canon often.)
Healer - Boosts Heal and HealMore by 20%.(Use those skills often.)
Immunity - 50% immunity to all bad status effects.(I'm not sure, maybe don't get a bad status effect for a while? Or maybe have bad status effects on for a while.)
Genesis - Boosts Judgement's power by 40%.(Use Judgement often.)
Cleric - Boosts Magic Defense stat by 9%.(Use White Magic often.)
Protection(P) - Increases Defense when hit by a powerful attack.(Get hit by powerful physical attacks, duh.)
Protection(M) - Increases Magic Defense when hit by a powerful magic attack.(Get hit by powerful magic attacks, duh.)
Resistance - Boosts resistance to all elements by 10%.(I'm not sure.)
ResistanceX2 - Boosts resistance to all elements by 20%.(I'm not sure.)
ResistanceX3 - Boosts resistance to all elements by 30%.(I'm not sure.)
Elusive - Boosts Evade stat by 10%. (Don't get hit often. Try using flare.)

Okay, now I believe I have all of them, thanks to Matt-likes-swords, the creator.

Epic Battle Fantasy 2 Abilities Guide


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2009-08-28 18:01:55

Awesome list man 1000 thanks for letting me use it.

knuxandshadowrule responds:

no problem, I help you, you credit me. lol.


2009-08-28 19:13:09

Some small corrections:

Slayer is from using the Soul Eater a lot.
The Force is from the Razorback Guitar.
Mighty Warrior is from Heaven's Gate.

Most skills only have one requirement for getting them.
Though in all cases where you have 2, one is correct.

There is NO Magic Counter x2.

Wizardry is from using any Black Magic.
Angel is from dying a lot.
Immunity is from spending a lot of time with bad status effects, I think the effect is broken though.
There should also be an Immunity x2, probably also broken.
Cleric is from using ANY white magic.

There is also a Meows!!!! skill which summons Meow Meow randomly but you cannot get it.

Resistance goes up to x3. I don't remember how to get it though.

Chemist goes up to x2 on both players. Boosts items by 80%.

Gratz on finding so many though!!

knuxandshadowrule responds:

okay, I fixed a bunch. Thanks for making such an amazing game, by the way.